Day 23

The packing continues...

John was in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic yesterday where his Mom got a new battery in her pacemaker. All went very well. We are thankful.

We are packing for a trip next week to our non-Madison storage unit nearby. I haven't packed myself for a move for 20 years. I am so in love with the U-Haul boxes that hold certain things. Right now I am thrilled with the wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes, the mirror/art boxes and the bubble wrap and Styrofoam corners for paintings. This is really helpful as our stuff will be moved often. The first step will be into a storage unit in Madison where we await the availability date of our first choice of apartment. Nothing was available for July 1 there, or most places.

Yesterday I went to knit at Yellow Dog. That was bittersweet as it may be my last time doing that. Friday knitting has been important to me as someone who works from home. It was good to get out and I always learned something new-- knitting related or not. This time I got a new scarf pattern and some new yarn. I will miss the whole experience of Yellow Dog. But on the upside I will get to find all the knitting stores in Madison and visit any that I have not yet been to as I try to find my new knitting group.

And we just spent an hour and a half with the darling new owners. They bought the lawn mower, snow blower and some furniture. They will be a delightful addition to the neighborhood. I am so happy that our lovely home will be lived in by such a nice family.

And they all lived happily ever after.