Day 17 & Happy 4th!

Nephew Taylor and a big heart thing that will someday become a art project, so must be stored.

In honor of the 4th we are taking the day off. John went for a 2 hour bike ride with a buddy. I got a pedi and had lunch with a girlfriend. And John is putting the house back in order. Each room is torn up or empty. We are joining my cousin for a 4th cook out in a couple hours.

Tomorrow we will start going room by room and doing the Madison packing.

Yesterday was a huge day. We took a truckload on non-Madison items to my brother's storage facility in Dorchester. All my type books, a medical scale, a mannequin, table legs, crystal, the Tracker is full of Christmas decorations, garage stuff.... stuff that we don't want to wedge into a 1100 sq. ft. apartment. It was good to get that layer of stuff gone.

I hope everyone is have a day of rest or merriment. Happy 4th!