Day 10

John: I could pack your shoes for you.

Me: Uh.... no, I'll just put them in a laundry basket.

John: I could put them all in one big box.

Me: No I like them separated by season. I keep the off season ones in a laundry basket. The laundry basket is fine.

John: I could put them in 2 small boxes.

Me: John, would you like to pack my shoes in boxes?

Yes ALL our boxes are packed like a rubic cube as will the truck when we leave.

We think we are 60% packed.

Still no move-in date. I imagine we will spend the weekend packing and bug them again on Monday.

This move is certainly an exercise in being able to turn on a dime and me coming to grips with the fact that I have no control over anything.

But in 10 days we will be out of the house and our stuff will be somewhere... in the apartment... in a pod on the street in front of the apartment... or in a storage facility in Madison. Only time will tell.