Dad's Desk... Part 2

As I said Laurie would know what to do about Dad's desk. She ended up first washing it with Murphy's Oil Soap. I knew nothing about this soap, as well... I've never seen a piece of wood I didn't want to paint. So care of wood furniture is new to me.

Instead of refinishing anything she scraped off sticky, dirty stuff in a couple places as well as some paper that was stuck to the desk. She thought the finish may have been a shellac lacquer combo. So she went over the desk with denatured alcohol. While there are some worn spots there is nothing that bothers me enough to want to do anything more to it.

And now the desk is full of all my cute stuff. And Dad's clock. He liked clocks that synced with the atomic clock in Colorado.

And here are 2 of Mom's honeymoon suitcases. Cream and red leather with red bakelite handles.

It is a sweet little desk full of memories of my dear parents.

Here is some proof that we did not make Laurie work all the time.