Creative Project... DIY Memory Box

M y dear friend Laurie gave me a memory box when my Dad died. It now holds bits and pieces of both my parents lives and is tucked away until the time I want to go through it. It never would have occurred to me to ever get one but I am so glad I have this.

So for Laurie's birthday I decided to make her one. I started with a wooden box from Michaels. The empty spot in the middle is where she puts a photo.

I must say the quality of the boxes at Michaels varies greatly. I should have sanded this one and did not. After painting it it still looked too rough. So I covered the inside with scrapbook paper and the outside with a corrugated board I had. Then for the fun part. I took a lot of white vintage buttons I had and hot glued them on layering as I went. I fit them together as a puzzle so they were tight and then glued buttons to the first layer to give it an abundant look. This was easy to do as I had everything. And the end result does have to do with the size, and range of different buttons you have. Luckily these were just sitting in a drawer waiting to be used.

While this was a birthday gift (and she liked it!) all the wedding cake whiteness would make this a lovely bridal shower gift.