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How do we learn? I know I am a visual learner. I also read about what I am trying to figure out but I learn best when someone shows me.

I think my process is somewhat genetic. I think I think like my Dad and my brother. I really admire my brother for the fact that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Absolutely anything and everything. He heats his house with used french fry oil. I think he also runs a car on it too. He is always thinking. And now I see the same thought process in my nephew. We are a family of monkey brains...

In my case I am always trying to figure something out... busy monkey brain... right now it is howdoImonitizemysitehowdoIsetupapaypaldownloadformyfontsIneed todosomecrossmarketingwithfacebookandtwitterIdon'treallyunderst andmobilemeblahblah

I really like the site. It is only $25 month. If you sign up for the monthly option you can cancel at anytime. I like the visual learning and they almost always have what I need. I either do a full class (right now I am working my way through the MobileMe class.) Or if I can't remember how to do something in Illustrator or Photoshop I can just look it up quickly. I am going to continue this to learn more about using Facebook for my business and how to make my current site more search able.  Plus they have an iPhone app. I love anything that has an iPhone app.

Just FYI... I am not paid anything by to pitch their product. ohbutmaybeIshouldbemaybetheywouldhaveanaffiliatemarketing programmaybeIshouldaskthemblahblahblah

Note: Since writing this post I have applied to to become an affiliate. That means if you see an ad on my site and you click on it and become a member I am paid something. May 12, 2010