cortadito express


let me start by saying YUM!

We followed up on the mention in September's Madison Magazine by visiting the carry-out window of Cortadito Express. This use to be the coat room of the Cardinal Bar. It has a carry-out window to Wilson St.

And I also need to say that I am not a really big fan of sandwiches. Generally there is too much bread or not very good bread. Not here. This is the Ricardo Sandwich. We also tried the Potato Croquetas. But managed to resist the Churros and Chocolate.


We ate in the bar at the window table. It was early and quiet and we could peek into the fun carry-out area. All well done from the fun orangey red color to the vines painted on the wall that are repeated in the background of the picture below.


This cute place is part of the restaurant group that includes The Weary Traveler and Natt Spil. So you know it is done right.


Sandwiches are big. Next time we will probably split one. This is not far from where we live. I can see us calling in food and dashing down to pick it up. You can check them out here.