color affection shawl


new shawl and before the end of Winter so I can actually wear it. Lots of knitting in this shawl and all garter stitch. I've been obsessing the entire time I knit it. Well into the shawl I didn't think I would like where I chose to use the 3 colors. But it was too late. Then I couldn't tell how big it was getting since I was knitting it on one circular needle. So while I knew this was going to be big I was afraid it would be huge. Oddly off the needles and blocked it is perfect. The yarn has a nice drape to it so all is well.



Really odd, but nice yarn. I do try to buy my yarn locally to keep the LYS in business. But I had no luck because I wanted these exact 3 colors. I had seen an outfit in a j.jill catalog and loved this color combo. I could only get 2 of the 3 colors in the same brand. So I tried ebay and still ended up with 2 different kinds of yarn which was a surprise. Both listings had the same copy and called it Baby Wool so I thought it was the same brand. The colors were perfect even though the turquoise yarn was a tiny bit thinner. Unfortunately the ball bands are in Chinese so I am clueless. Some yarn came from China and some from the UK. Customs from China took months.


All in all I am very pleased. It is just what I want in a work day shawl. Something to wind around my neck and shoulders and something that goes with my almost all black wardrobe. I found this shawl enjoyable to knit. And with shawls you don't have to pay all that much attention to gauge. If you want the pattern you can get it on Ravelry, just search Color Affection Shawl.

Happy Knitting!