christmas decorating...

In the grand move of 2008 I pared down my Christmas decorations from 10+ tubs to 3. It is an odd collection of this and that. Quirky or sentimental, as it should be.

I tried to find an aluminum vintage tree but am now happy with the newer lime tinsel tree, pared with a black, gray, cream and lime rug.

These are a new addition this year. Since you can't really put lights on a tinsel tree and we needed some lights we got these IKEA ones for over the deck doors. If you want some make sure you buy the waterfall ones as they also have string ones and I think they are both named the same. So look at the picture. $15 per set and I used 2.

Two trees, the top one my Mom made from old rhinestone jewelry 50+ years ago. The bottom one I did probably 20 years ago.

Some red plastic IKEA ornaments on the Charlie Brown stick tree.

And we decorated the bush outside. First with 4 dozen of the red plastic orangey-red ornaments from IKEA. Then with many strands of mismatch lights. It really is quite delightful.