chemo hats...


Unfortunately I have a friend who is looking at a Summer of chemo. When you lose your hair your head gets cold. This is the third person I have knit a chemo hat for. The blue hat is a very soft Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company. While this is very soft it has no stretch. The black and white hat is a cotton/lycra yarn so it has some stretch. Probably a better fit but may be warmer as it is a thicker hat. I knit the second hat because I was not sure about the blue one. It is hard to knit these hats for many reasons. I am never near the person so I don't know how big their head is. I also don't know if this should be a nondescript hat or a more interesting hat. But it is a small amount of comfort I can provide and I always think about the person and say some prayers and send good energy their way as I knit.

If you want the pattern just go online and Google chemo hats. There are lots of patterns. I would give you mine but I really improvised and didn't have one.

I am very happy that a small amount of my stash got used up making these. If you go with the Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company I got 2 of these hats from one skein. The other 3 yarns used in the second hat were odds and ends and had no ball band.

I am going to take the rest of the black and white and add some hot pink and make a baby hat for another new baby that I know... wide stripes I think. Cute baby hats make such a nice little gift. Easy and fun to make too.

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