Cheap Drugs

Since we are now both freelancers we are dealing with finding medical insurance on our own. In time, after John has more talent jobs, we hope to get SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) insurance. Right now we have some cheap insurance with a high deductible, no drug coverage and we are keeping our fingers crossed. We are getting our drugs at Walgreen's because it is 2 blocks from where we live. I went in to pick up one of John's prescriptions and I mentioned that we had no drug coverage. The prescription was $56 for one month. The young woman helping me asked if I wanted the Walgreen's Drug Card. The card is $20 a year and then John could get 3 months of his prescription for $12. $12 + $20 = $32 for 3 months. Yes I want the drug card. For $35 a year you get a family card. And if you buy any Walgreen's brand item and show your card you get 10% credit on your card for future drug purchases.

What a deal.