NEW! Rae's Monogram Family

My 3 font monogram family is done! Lots to this font set. They can be used alone or together. The Rae's Monogram Doodles One is an especially good deal. While there are a couple new drawings, this is a compilation of illustrations from my 52 doodles fonts. And there are 52 of them. A great way to get a wide range of illustrations for many projects.

Rae's Monogram One is two sets of letters and a set of numbers. These letters were designed to be a right and left hand letter.

Rae's Monogram Two is designed to be the middle letter but can also be used alone.

And here are just a few possible uses of 2 or 3 of the fonts used together. Choices are pretty much unlimited.

And these fonts are now for sale at And they are on sale for a limited time. Do check them out.

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