photoshop and pantone


very fun way to learn Photoshop. Photoshop is very robust and daunting to learn all that you need to know. So play this game, have some fun and learn new stuff. I wish all software had games and tutorials like this.

(Thanks Laurie for this tip.)

I am loading my new iPad3 with apps so it can be a tool not just a toy. And this one was a must even at $9.99. While that seems like a lot I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on printed Pantone books so all in all this is a bargain. Plus it does things that a book could never do.

You can choose color palettes which is SO much better than tearing the chips out of the book and taping them together. And then because you only got so many chips of a color per page you could never just toss the ones you didn't use. So my books always had random chips taped inside the front cover. See big improvement.

I downloaded this yesterday when I was choosing colors for Birdie Knox's biz card that I am designing. Now before this goes to print I will still pull down the actual print book and double check the color because you need to do that and I am old school.