3 great car guys!


Recently I read somewhere that car mechanics rank as the world's 8th most distrusted profession. That made me think I should share 2 great car repair places that I can highly recommend. And no, I am not being paid to say these nice things.



If you need car repair here in Madison go visit Sean or Tom at Capitol Tire. These are 2 of the nicest car guys I have ever met. They seem to actually feel bad when they give me bad news that my 24 year old Miata needs something else fixed. And I trust them. I always think they have my best interests at heart AND they are creative and willing to work on my old car. I will probably drive this car until they can no longer get parts for it. While I hate to buy a new car apparently I am willing to keep fixing an old one. And thanks to these guys I can.


My other recommendation is Tyler's Repair on hwy 18 outside of New Hope, WI. He fixes trucks, tractors and more. On New Year's Eve about 4PM in white out conditions we fell in the category of 'and more'. Our Outback overheated. We turned towards New Hope, WI until we saw a sign that the population was 183. In Wisconsin that means a church, a bar and a post office. We headed back to the hwy and saw a guy shoveling outside of Tyler's Repair. It was Tyler and he took us in and did what he could to gets us to our destination. Really nice guy, knowledgeable and helped us even though were were not driving a truck or tractor.

While I do not trust all car mechanics I would say if you are in need of a good mechanic I can endorse these 3!