Gas Prices

I don't understand this and if anyone does please enlighten me. We bought gas outside of Rochester, MN for $1.67/gallon. Since moving here to Madison I have paid almost $4/gallon. That seems like a HUGE drop in less than 4 months. It bugs me that I don't know why. Now I do know that gas in Minnesota is always cheaper than gas in Wisconsin. I assume that is state taxes.

I also know that gas in Eau Claire was almost the highest in the state. Higher than Madison and about as high as Milwaukee. I assume that was city taxes.

Of course I know that the cost of a barrel of oil fluctuates. I also know that the government holds some oil in reserve. And they can release some and that can affect the cost.

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but it seems like something else is going on that I do not understand.

My very simple question is why is gas so low now when it was so high just a short while ago? If anyone knows the answer please explain.

Estimate Retirement Benefits Online

OK this blog will make me seem really old but hey most of my readers are too. If you are wondering when to take Social Security benefits or what they will be when you are ready you can find this out very easily online.

Go to

My Dad once told me (I hope I got this right Dad) that it is based on your 3 highest earning years, not your last 3 working years which I had assumed.

And let's just hope it is there for us. And I think I heard that it still should be for people my age.

Sub Prime explained...

I get my news generally through Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. I know, I know not the best way to stay informed. And it can cause embarrassment when like at book club someone it talking about a current event and since I heard it on the Daily Show I thought it was a joke. So in that vein here is an explanation of the sub prime situation.

And in my own defense this was sent to me by Matt, my investment banker stepson who is just back from London.