cabled neck warmer


As you know I have this really bad habit of starting a lot of projects and putting them in all the rooms so wherever I am I can knit a little. Well this is bad. Once again I have to finish everything before I start anything new... except socks, they never count. So I just finished this nice little neck warmer. It is the Cabled Neck Warmer by HomeMadeOriginals.

I just used yarn from my stash, one skein of 127 PRINT, 100% wool, 50 grams. I think I had a full skein. I knit two strands together and used every last inch of it. This is a shorter neck warmer which is what I wanted. My neck is cold when I work and this should solve that problem.

I went into my button drawer and found this. Once I glued some vintage buttons together for another project and didn't use this one. It picked up a range of colors in the yarn.

Now on to an unfinished shawl. Maybe I can share that one with you next week.