buycott app

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buycott helps you organize your everyday consumer spending to support causes you care about. And is a free download.

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I always feel as one person it is hard to make a difference. So I try to do small things. I always feel that I should vote with my $$$. This app allows me to do that.


-Join a campaign to help a cause you care about and commit to actively supporting the companies on your side of the issue, while avoiding those that oppose your position.

-Scan product barcodes and Buycott will find out what company owns that product (and who owns that company, ad infinitum).

-Using this information, Buycott will determine whether you have joined a campaign that includes the product's owners.


- Lookup the ownership structure of any product and trace it all the way back to its parent company with our interactive family tree diagram.

- Offers a variety of contact data for companies and brands, so you can easily inform them of your decision to support or avoid their products. - iTunes