bring back Wisconsin to me


five months ago when the Wisconsin protests began, “The Education of Carrie” got started. I really knew very little about the politics or history of Wisconsin. Now I know more. The more I learn, the more I see that Scott Walker’s power grab and makeover of our state is absolutely startling given our history as the “Forward” state, America’s Laboratory of Democracy.

Recently John Nichols wrote an excellent article about a significant 100th anniversary that we should be celebrating this year. We’re not celebrating—not yet—but, boy, will we celebrate when we regain control of the Senate and replace Governor Walker!

For the sake of others who may also be unaware of our proud accomplishments—and of how the Wisconsin GOP has done much to reverse progress in just five months—I created this printable flyer covering the main points in the Nichols article. You can download it at my website

All over our nation, citizens must stand up to the few masters of privilege and power who are gaining control of our nation. Wisconsinites won the fight in 1911. We will win it again, beginning with the Senate recall elections coming up on August 9.

These photos are of Miss Forward standing proudly during our protests. Jean Pond Miner sculpted her as an allegory of devotion, progress—and the state’s motto “Forward”.