Birthday Yarn

I consider it still my birthday as long as I keep receiving presents. (Technically my birthday was in late December.)

When I opened this little box of yarn I was speechless.

For some reason my friend Jane can buy me yarn. This is odd because I am SO fussy about pretty much everything in my life. (Although very happy to receive gifts of any kind.) And I don't think I could buy yarn for anyone. But Jane can.

And there is a little back story about this yarn. Jane works with a woman who in part owns the very alpacas that this yarn is from. The picture does not do this yarn justice. The heathery gray color is called Spatz, The rich dark brown is called Dark Princess and the beautiful camel color is Merle. And these names of the yarn are also the names of the alpacas. This yarn is not dyed this is the color of the animals.

The farm where the alpacas are raised is in Argyle, WI. How appropriate is that?

I told Jane I was going to blog about this. She mentioned that they don't make a lot of yarn at this point and it is being sold by word of mouth. I said I didn't think it mattered because I don't think any reads my blog anyway.