Big News!

Rae: I have some news, really exciting news and I have managed to do as I was told and kept it a secret... and so has old Loose Lips Ganahl. Or has he...? maybe everyone already knows...? maybe all of you out there in cyberspace already know and it is purely an afterthought that I share... John: Loose Lips? Just because I "outed" almost all, OK, all my gay friends???? I mean, it was totally an accident. But no, I have been a good secret keeper this time. I have told no one...

Rae:  ... that we we are going to be grandparents! Sometime in late January, Matt and Jen are going to have a baby!

John: I am thinking about a treehouse off our bedroom balcony... and all kinds of things I can teach the little one like golf, the farmer blow, using your body to make unusual sounds... and other stuff that maybe I shouldn't mention or Jen may never let the little one come visit us. But then again, she married Matt and he and Ryan are my direct descendants! So she should know first hand what kind of influence I have been.

Rae: I am more concerned with what I will be called. A friend years ago told me that this was something to give thought to. As she was known as Tractor Grandma, not to be confused with Packer Grandma. Yup, you guessed it. Sue's husband John has his uncle or dad's old tractor and the other grandparents are Packer fans.

So what do you all think? Grandma Kaiser was MY grandma and I don't have gray hair and wear black crepe dresses every day so that can't be it. My Mom was Mutti to the grandkids, so I can't be that or Nana or any grandma sounding name...

I want something fun.

John suggests Babs... but I am not a Babs. My friend Julie is a Babs but not me. I have a friend whose kids call her Cinderella so that one is taken too. Any thoughts?

John:  I hope to be "Papa G" which Ryan's pool playing buddies call me. (Cuz Ryan is just "G") I like it and hope the baby catches on. That said, I can be any old grunt or burp the baby chooses to assign to me.

Rae: I am serious about needing help here. Plz leave suggestions in the comments section... friends, family and total strangers are welcome to weight in. I don't want to end up Font Grandma.

John: First and foremost, I/we are SO happy for Matt and Jen. They will make wonderful parents. Let's hope Jen's good influence can counteract and questionable influences from Papa G, G, and the baby's father! (Gawd, I'm almost hoping it's a girl so the corruption can appear so...unexpected!)  :)  And one last serious note from me...I hope Jen knows, and I'm fairly certain she does, that this child will be in the best of hands with me. No worries, dear.