avatars or portraits...

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.23.15 PM  

i love my avatar! I really, really love it. (I am the blond in the middle... in case you are wondering.) My outrageously talented friend Nancy makes these. (She is the one with the gray hair...) The process was really easy. I sent her 3 pictures and told her what I liked about each. Things like my eyes in one photo and that I wanted yellow hair, bright blue eyes and red lips. It was that easy. On my end anyway.

I hate getting my picture taken. I don't like to put it up everywhere I should on the internet. But for some reason I am happy putting up a sort of cartoon version of myself.

If you want one you can visit her site here.

And watch or like my Facebook page, Nancy is generously donating a portrait for next week's giveaway!

Stay tuned...

Oh, and Nancy has also drawn 3 Outside the Line fonts.

I am unfortunately experiencing some web problems. If you place an order and it does not go through plz email rae@outside-the-line.com and I'll send you a PayPal invoice to pay from.