Art Therapy #11


This postcard happened because I want the new iPad. But I haven't really used the very, very old one all that much. So I thought I should apply myself. Plus the poor old iPad does not have much storage so I was also trying to delete apps. PhotoTropedelic is a keeper. You just open a photo you have taken and play with settings to add this kind of color and detail.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.37.45 PM.png

I spent a week drawing cacti for a client and for a Minted fabric challenge. So that was my postcard for that week. I enjoyed drawing these a lot. I really like black and white. But I will also do something with these in soft dirty pastels too.


Nancy has once again outdone herself. Her comment on this card was, "I don't know where this card came from... I can't even explain it." I am very taken with it. I love the bird and all the repeating circles. And the texture. Really love the texture.


Nancy says, "Continuing my efforts to motivate myself to write Get Lost through art. This little goddess is exactly the way I pictured her in my imagination (this rarely happens!).

From Get Lost: Chapter 13:    I opened another drawer. Inside was a tiny beautiful angel. Or maybe a goddess with wings. I picked it up carefully. The features were delicately carved: the colors painted in delicate strokes. I could see feathers on the wings. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.

The crow got added because it seemed right somehow for Lost Things and Wisdom.

Nancy said I could keep this card. I am going to post it somewhere in my office with space to write underneath. I am in lost mode. All kinds of things I cannot find. And our place is not that big! The first thing on the list will be my Youth. I lost that when the boy who bought the Miata drove off.