AlterKNITS felt by Leigh Radford

I would like to morph into being a fiber artist so books like this fascinate me. I do enjoy felting wool items after I have knit them even though the results are often hit or miss. Lots can affect the end result... temp of water, kind of yarn used, size of needle/tightness of knitted piece before felting etc. It is always a surprise in the end and not always a good one. That may be part of the fasination. This book has patterns for i-cord wrap bracelets that you felt. That will be my first project.

It also gives suggestions on embellishing and sewing with whatever you have felted. I rarely make anything just like it is shown unless it is just no brainer knitting to calm my busy mind. I like books like these because they make me think of things to make. New ideas to roll around in my head with like all the other ideas rolling around up there. Eventually things click and I go make something.

Nice book. Thanks John.