Altaras for my Dad

O ne year ago today my Dad passed away. Sometimes it seems like he has been gone forever and other times it seems like he just left yesterday. My darling stepson Ryan scored 12 of these bamboo pencil boxes and gave them to me to use for something. I had always wanted to make little altar boxes. In Mexico they are called altaras and they are made to honor and remember the dead. As we have been cleaning out my parents house I sought out all the little things they had and used... watches, rosaries, pins, keys... Each box also includes the holy card from the funeral.

These have gone in the mail to arrive and be opened by each of my sibs today. I created these to be a little art series in case over time they are ever united. If they are fine, if they end up in the landfill fine. I really made them as part of my processing my Dad's leaving.

And while I am still deeply sad about Dad being gone this year's sadness is better than last year's sadness. This year I am just sad for me. Last year I was sad for both of us. I suppose that is a form of progress.