a homemade life by molly wizenberg


An enjoyable read. I really bought this book as a gift but now I am going to keep it. Molly is a freelance food writer, blogger at Orangette and podcaster at Spilled Milk. She also has a love of Paris. I assume this book is a compilation of some of her blog posts and recipes. She writes about her life, tells a story, gives a recipe.

And I now know how to make good French toast. Crispy edged French toast. It was how her Dad made it.

When my friend Laurie comes I might surprise her with a chocolate cake and vanilla pepper ice cream. Laurie is a MUCH better baker than I but never let that stop you from making something for someone.

On another food note I borrowed my Mom's recipes from my sister. My Mom once told me that she resented every meal she ever made. Based on that I was surprised that she had so many recipes but not that they are so well organized.

I want to look at them for several reasons. First it is so amazing to see either of my parent's handwriting now that they are gone. Kind of bittersweet. And there were a couple recipes I remember but don't have. For many years our birthday cakes were German Chocolate Cake from scratch. The kind where the pan weighted several pounds. Later it was an Angel Food box cake but with what we called Boiled Frosting. I do remember making it and you did boil it and then still hot it went on the top the the cake and then it dripped down the sides and hardened.

I want to preserve some of these recipes somehow. I might just get some little glass 3x5 frames and frame a few to put in my kitchen. Better ideas anyone?

Thanks for the book suggestion Gwen and for anyone interested here is a link for the book.