7.5 million... oh really?

I've been at the Capitol and this is the most polite protest I have ever seen. Tidy too... there is even recycling INSIDE the Capitol. Not to mention protesters have put up signs asking people to take care of 'Our House'... asking people to keep things clean, to recycle, no drinking, no drugs, and to keep it down after 1 AM. The nice man at the information desk closed the desk for a few minutes to go look for my favorite red glasses. Then sent me down to the Capitol Police who also looked for them.

The police actually looked for a protesters glasses.

As for the masking tape ruining the lovely old marble I peeled back a sign and the marble under the masking tape had no residue at all. Now this was just the blue tape. I've been saying that if it really costs 7.5 million that I would gladly do it for 1 million. I could gather my unemployed or underemployed friends and I know we could get the job done for that.

Now magically that number has dropped 95% to $375K. (Frankly that still sounds high to me.)

I know that Scott Walker's camp said that there was 7.5 million in damages to the Capitol. Really? I can't see where that number could have possibly come from. After the public could not swallow that number it has now been revised. John and I keep asking ourselves who is making this stuff up? And why are mainstream journalists not asking that same question?

Once again Rachel says it better than I could....