24 days...

The sold sign is up. And in 24 days we close on the condo of my dreams. I saw this condo 15+ years ago and have driven by it over the years. This has always been part of moving to Madison, living here.

When John started looking for a job in Madison one day he had an interview near this condo so I suggested her drive by it. And there was one for sale. THE one. It is right on Lake Monona so in essence it is my little cottage by the lake. Only it is a condo and we will live there all the time.

The condo does need a lot of work. Things like a whole new kitchen, new windows, new wood floor blah, blah, blah. But I just don't care because I know this is where I am suppose to live. And it is livable. We will do some work between closing and moving and then just move in and live and figure out the rest. I plan to live happily ever after, right here.