23 days to closing...

This will be our new front door. I know I am suppose to live behind that door. I can see a tall skinny urn to the left of the steps with some annuals in it.

This is a condo on a street of all houses. And the condo 'development' is only 3 condos. One in the front and 2 with lake views. I think ours is the best one. There is a small amount of grass behind the condo and John will take over the mowing. He can do it with the neighbors push mower or even his nice weeder eater. The front green space is flowers. Last year it looked overgrown and in need of some TLC. That will also be John's domain. He likes digging in the dirt and does a good job.

Our house in Eau Claire was a nice house. It had a very nice layout, was new and spacious with tons of storage but it never looked like a place I should live. A friend called it the Twilight Zone house. Because the outside didn't look like somewhere I'd live but the inside did. When I'd send people directions to the house I would add that when they got to the house and thought that can't be where Rae lives that they were at the right house.

Oh not so with this condo. In fact a friend that I showed the condo to during my stalking stage said that I wanted to live there BECAUSE of that turquoise door and those big numbers on it. Yes Susan you are right.