18 days... any ideas?

As I said this condo was built in the 70s. And here is one of those weird 70s touches that match the terrarium area. To the immediate left of this planter thing is the front door. To the immediate right is the spiral staircase. To the right of that is the terrarium space. This bit of brick does match the brick wall in the living/dining room area.

Any good ideas of what to do with this odd thing?

1. have it torn out? I image then the 2 walls will need to be repaired.

2. semi hide it? I like those half tables that you attach to the wall. This could be a tiny table top the width of the brick that is the height of the half wall to the right. You put 2 legs on the front of the table. And I think I have 8 interesting legs in storage for this exact sort of thing. Or maybe 4. (And John wondered why I would buy all those legs with no immediate ideas for their use.)

Feel free to leave a comment with any other good ideas...