12 days... mystery solved!

As I have said... this condo has some 70s touches. This was a total mystery. This is a metal plate in the kitchen counter.

And if you look in the cabinet underneath this is what you see.

LOOK! We have a Foodmatic Preparation Center! The metal plate flips around and up comes this thing. The bar on the left comes up. Some pieces are apparently missing but a bowl of some kind must go into the circular thing on the plate.

Apparently this must be some old blender or mixer, it works and appears to have a forward and backward motion. Of course all the pieces are not there. This metal plate was camouflaged with a lovely large wine opener.

Foodmatic Preparation Center... this was from that era of words that had suffixes like 'matic' and 'tronic' and 'phonic'. I guess Foodmatic Preparation Center is another way of saying blender.