To market, to market to buy a fat pig...

and be charmed by the street performers.

This weeks goodies include fresh pasta, a brioche, a pasty, carrots and cranberries. The feel of the market is a bit different, everyone is bundled up a little, less crowded. Different things for sale.

Yarn sold by the guy who owns the sheep.

Heirloom broccoli... it is suppose to be sweeter than the regular kind.

Interesting metal guitar... and the musician said, "thank you child" in a sweet Southern drawl when I put money in his guitar case.

This place is right on the opposite side of the square from where we live. It's on the top (bottom?) of State Street. Pastys for sale here.

Kale flower bouquets...

And then home again, home again, jiggity jig...

We will never quite get over the fact that we just walk less than 2 blocks to get home. And I found out that the Winter indoor Farmer's Market starts mid-November and it is a block and a half away at the Frank Lloyd Wright Convention Center.