new! ultra condensed font family

it feels like I have been working on this font family for months and that is because I have been. An alphabet font always takes a lot more time than a doodle font. The technical part is so much more involved. A doodle font has 30-50 illustrations but an alphabet font has 256 characters. And then those characters must be spaced and kerned. But I have a lot of alphabet fonts in my head trying to get out. So I will be working hard on those this year.

Ultra Condensed is a 3 font family with a full character set. Ultra Condensed is a remastering of Tall Skinny Condensed from 1999 which continues to be a best selling favorite. While similar the fonts are not interchangeable. Shapes of some letters have changed, kerning and spacing are different. Tall Skinny Condensed does not have a full character set.

And everyone likes a hand lettered font. So next I then used the same shapes from Ultra Condensed but hand lettered it. Ultra Condensed Lettered has the same feel as Ultra Condensed but without the hard edged feel. It is softer and friendlier.

Ultra Condensed Line also hand lettered, is a thinner version of Ultra Condensed Lettered.

These 3 fonts work well together or with a non condensed font, great for headlines at a large size. Works well for lots of copy in a small space.

Whew... and now on to New Orleans Doodles. It will fun to get back to drawing more and working on the computer less.