more on plates...

I know you all had to listen to me go on about how I can't eat off colored plates. We went to see the kids in Chicago and I picked the Capricorn plate to eat off of. I can eat off this plate because I am a Capricorn, it has cute graphics and when you put the food in the middle you cover the graphic and just see the cute type. Jen is a Capricorn so I assume I was using her plate even though I am one too. Too my delight Matt said that they had collected these plates on ebay for the immediate family members. (Now I am going to assume that this is Jen's influence. I can't quite see Matt surfing ebay for cute plates.) Anyway I was actually eating off MY plate.

And the front of the plates has the positive traits of your sign and the back has the negative. Very well thought out. I like things like that.

And if you want to do a little ebay shopping this is what you want to look for. I guess there are glasses too.