Mom's boiled frosting

boiledfrosting1 boildedfrosting2 this frosting on an angel food cake is the taste of my childhood. I just recently found this recipe again. A bonus is that it is in my Mom's handwriting.

I assume Spry is a lard. I doubled the amount of the butter. I don't use lard and didn't want to buy it for 2T.

Make sure your angel food cake is not warm.

Frosting must be cool enough or it will run off the cake and pool on the plate. If it is too hard it will not spread. Err on the side of too hard as you can soften it as needed.

If you do it right you can put the frosting on the top of the angel food cake and spread it to the edge and the frosting will dribble down the side and harden.

This tastes like angel food cake with fudge on top. Yum.