camera bag app

This is a photo I took last year. It was a soft hazy blue. I put the photo in my iPhoto program so the CameraBag app could access it. I had forgotten all about this app. It offers many different effects. This one is the Colorcross. I like that soft early morning dawn pale yellow color it added. I think it gives this picture a kind of retro Miami feel. You can read more about this app below. And it is very easy to use.


And if I am not in enough tech hell at the moment I really need to get a new iPhone. Mine is 3 years old and slow. I found out that old phones are slow in part because of upgrading to newer OS systems. It is kind of like continuing to put a new OS on an old mac. Eventually it just slows the phone/computer down. I will keep my old phone and use it as an iPod and keep it in the iPod speaker dock. I can listen to Pandora and NPR Chapter a Day that way. Plus I hear the new phone has a 5 megapixel camera which would be greatly helpful. There is a rumor that there is a new OS for the phone coming soon. I plan to hold off until then.