For years I have been asking why you can't just buy a mattress pillow top on its own. One day we were walking through IKEA and there they were. We got one and it is sleeping bliss. We got the SULTAN TAFJORD pillowtop, queen size for $249 and it is worth every penny. We need a new mattress and I have been dreading the research to understand all the different kinds. Not to mention we have to then get it up a circular staircase. So this seems like a good temporary solution.

IKEA specs: - A 2 3/8" thick layer of memory foam molds to your body, improving blood circulation to both muscles and skin, enabling your body to fully relax. - Lyocell in the cover transports moisture away and gives a very pleasant sleeping climate with an even temperature.

They had 4 different pillow tops, this is the thickest. I don't think the others would be worth getting. They are on beds and you can try them out.

Follow the directions!!! I know who needs to follow directions for something like a mattress pillow top. Well we found the directions after we had the bed make. That is about when I noticed a foam-like smell. The pillow top is rolled up and in heavy plastic. Directions state that you need to unroll it and let it lay flat for 72 hours. It then takes on the right shape and the foam-like smell goes away. We probably had it on the bed in 72 seconds and had to pull the sheets back during the day to get rid of the smell. I assume the smell comes from them being made and then wrapped in plastic for who knows how long.

Anyway, I love it.