birdie knox


Sometimes you get to work on a project that is pure fun. And this one was.

My friend Jill called asking if I thought she was crazy. She wants to quit being a photographer and start making jewelry. So she is off to school this month to learn this. To make it more real she wanted a name, a logo and a card.

She didn't want to use her name, everyone knows who she is. She wanted the company name to be a fictitious person. Then if someone wants her to do something she didn't want to do she can say she has to ask that person. She wanted the name to be Ethel Cravitz, but not Ethel Cravitz. A few days later Jill calls and Birdie Knox is born.

We then start Facebook messaging on what we thought Birdie looked like... a brunette with heavy dark bangs, cat eye glasses and petal pushers. I went on www.MadMenYourself and created Birdie.

Now we know what Birdie looks like but Jill didn't want to use her image on the cards. I don't know why as Birdie is not one bit shy.


Rae: Birdie and I hope to get something to you tomorrow, if not then Monday. I am having email problems and need to go back to the Apple store tomorrow. This morning I have a coffee with my artist girlfriends.

And you know Birdie she is a bit hard to pin down.

Just want you to know that we aren't ignoring you.


Jill: Oh my, no worries at all!!

Birdie is on Holiday, wish I was.

I hate email troubles!  I need a Mac store, for the second time my MacBook Pro battery expanded so I need to get a new one.  My older model must over heat, ugh.

Hope they can help you!

Have a good day!

Jill (Birdie Knox's slave)


Rae: Although you are merely Birdie's slave she is interested in what you think about the biz card.

Is this too fun? Do you like it or not? Tell me why. That will help me get to where I need to go.

It is too big but I want you to be able to see the letters.

You didn't tell me that Birdie is a chain smoker. It's only 2 and she is wondering what I am serving for cocktail hour. Hmmmm.


Jill: I love this font because the shapes make me think of the tools I just bought for school!

Do you think Birdie would want some color?

And maybe a Little Do Da some where?  Do you know what a mean by just a little something?

Yes, she chain smokes!!  She just called and it sounds like she is into too many long island teas!!!  She said she likes those because they creep up on her.

You are the best, this is so fun!

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Rae: Good, we have the font! What are Birdie's fav colors?


Jill: Hmmm...she likes a salmon and brown.

Maybe...or salmon and pink?

Or maybe she thinks you have better taste!  Oh Lord, who knows?

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Rae: Birdie and I are going to retire to the patio with long island ice teas to ponder the little do-da. I think it will be a late night.

Oh what? She tells me she is staying for the weekend (and it is only Thursday!) I guess you will hear from me next week after I've managed to send her back to you. She says her car is in the shop which I was not aware of.

Gotta run she already has the drinks ready and is insisting I stop work a little early.

She is kind of bossy.



Jill: Tell me about it!  Ugh!

That's what we get for trying to accommodate our rich friends!

Just don't leave her alone with John!

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Rae: Birdie and I are still thinking and talking and thinking and she's drinking… almost made it through my liquor cabinet.

We are a little stuck on the do-dad… that's why we are still thinking.

Soon I'll just do something and we can just kick it around visually.



Jill: So typical of her!!!!

As long as she has a dirty martini she can wait forever.





OK… I am sending this and then Bye, Bye Birdie.

This is very simple but I think jewelry can or generally is. I can make it more flashy with color. Once we like the fonts, copy, layout I'll put the color in. I have some ideas there but want you to like the card first before you get dazzled and maybe swayed by color.

So look it over and make suggestions. I can do whatever you want as soon as we know what that is. Let me know.

The do dad is the bullet and the asterisk from the same font as Birdie Knox. (Love that font.) Went with something from the font so it would have the same feel. That can also change if you have another idea. I have 42 illustration fonts and you can pick something from one of those too.



Jill: I am completely in love with this!!!!!!

Add the color and we are good to go!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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Rae: Color???


Jill: Birdie says, for sure it is the pinky one!!!!!!!

OMG, I love it!!!!

I owe you huge!


So happy!

Think you could send me that one so that I could order some cards soon.

Love it!



Jill: I ordered cards from the link you gave me!!!! I like the rounded corners, but Birdie is so square, so...

So excited to get them! I will for sure send you a few!!!

Birdie just left my house in Dan's boxers and a skinny little tank top, hmmm...


This little project took maybe 2 phone calls, these 10 or so emails and about 2 weeks. If they could all be so angst free. Jill is one of those dream clients.

To anyone who is not a close personal friend of mine I don't really do this kind of work, I can, I just don't. I don't because it is rare that a job is this easy or fun. And the only way I ever get any fonts done is to say NO to almost all other work.