Art Therapy #5

Yes, the postcard exchange continues.

This one is mine. I scanned part of a line drawing from Paris Line by Line by Robinson. I love his style. He drew more than 250,000 illustrations in his lifetime. That certainly makes me an underachiever. This book was out of print for 40 years but has returned to print. I decided to try my hand at adult coloring and then send it on to Nancy to finish.

I am afraid that adult coloring feels way too much like my day to day work. Plus I can't just give it up and color. I first have to think about it and know what color something is... blah, blah, blah. But it was good to give this a try. Can't wait to see how Nancy finishes it up.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.14.38 PM.png

This is very rough. I cannot find the original for the life of me. I am working on patterns, cards, patterns, fabric and more patterns. So here are some that may show up in fabric or cards. But who knows.

Nancy labeled hers as Just Fooling Around. And that is what this is somewhat about. Sometimes a great idea or part of a great idea of comes out of just fooling around. That part is good for me as I am such a thinker when I do creative things. More postcards next week.