Art Therapy #14

If you have forgotten, this is where Nancy and Rae make postcards and send them to each other.

art therapy #14





I took this photo some years ago off of our deck. It always makes me wonder, why was it there? Was someone sleeping in it, was it empty? Of course I will never know.

art therapy #14

The speedway ends at the cemetery.

I feel like I am diagonally parked in a in a parallel universe.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.

I really like this card I sent to Nancy. Lots of meaning behind this card. My 27 year old Miata that I bought new, died in early Spring. We tried being a one-car family, but it made me sad. And I could only replace the Miata with a cute car. So I got a light coffee and black Mini Cooper Countryman. And I LOVE her. She makes me happy. This is the right car for this time in my life.


Nancy also drove her car into the ground recently and is looking for a new one. So she responded with this card. This car would have been her Miata. She fell in love but needs to move on, she is still searching. Maybe she will do a card around her new car when she gets one.

art therapy #14
A New Yorker ad, that Nancy colored.

In New York City I am myself and no one else.

The city welcomes what I like about me.

I love Paris.

I love Prague.

New York loves me.