wisconsin’s war on public schools…

My friend, Anne, was distressed about our governor’s attack on teachers and on our excellent public school system. She asked me to design a sign to put in her window so I did. You can download a printable pdf of this sign at http://scherpelz.com/contact.html.

Besides the draconian cuts to school budgets occurring in many states, “Governor Walker has proposed lifting the income cap on the private school voucher program that started in Milwaukee. So, as Madison school board member Marj Passman puts it, “you’ll actually have the poor paying for the rich to attend school.” Recently children who have been educated in Milwaukee’s public schools were tested for the first time and did more poorly than kids who attended private voucher schools. You can read more about the movement toward school privatization in Wisconsin here  http://www.progressive.org/rc032911.html .

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