They’re Lobbying for You


yes, the Solidarity Sing Along, an ever-changing assortment of citizens who have dropped by the Capitol to sing in protest of Scott Walker every weekday since March, can certainly be considered a lobbying group. Fortunately! Because a last minute revision to the new DOA policy requiring permits and payment from protesting groups of more than 4 people specified that the policy does not apply to lobbyists.

On December 16, the Walker administration’s heavy-handed policy went into effect. Shared indignation brought out hundreds of citizens who sang together at noon on a bright, cold day, belting out these new lyrics by Doleta Chapru to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

You better speak out, No time to be shy, There’s mischief about, Its maker is sly Walker has invaded our town.

So, sing in the Capitol, March in the streets, Document wrongs with Cameras and tweets . . .

You may not realize that members of the Solidarity Singalong and other citizens have been lobbying for the public good in the corridors of the Capitol since February. Some folks have given up their jobs, or cut back drastically, in order to attend legislative sessions, hearings, and committee meetings to document wrongs with cameras, Tweets, and blogs. Attorneys have donated their time to defend these Lobbyists for the Common Good whenever they are arrested for testing unconstitutional restrictions that are at odds with the ideal of an engaged citizenry.

We should all be grateful for this new breed of influence-peddlers in Wisconsin—and in the Occupy movement. They fight for what is best for people, even when it’s not best for large corporations.

Photo: Kristian Knutsen