a new guest blogger, walker syndrome & yes… ZOMBIES!

OK I lied, or I guess I really changed my mind. I guess I just can’t leave politics alone. But our current state of affairs is giving me what is known as Walker Syndrome. I am feeling anxious and depressed over our state of affairs. I have constantly checked Facebook to keep up with all the late breaking news and I just can’t do it anymore. I need to detach. But I have gotten nice emails from people out of state who have been interested in what I have posted. So I’ve asked my friend Carrie (who has made the signs I’ve blogged about) if she would like do a guest post from time to time and she has kindly agreed. So here’ssssss Carrie….

The power of a facebook page…

My friend Rae asked me for help in telling the story of what’s happening politically in Wisconsin. I replied, “Yes!” because I live 6 blocks away from the Capitol and have participated almost daily in this truly historic protest. And I want everyone to know what’s happening here. Like many, I had never demonstrated before February 15, when I took up my protest sign and began to fight back against our governor’s attack on the values Wisconsin holds most dear. I took these pictures on April 2 at a “zombie protest”-maybe the first in history? I met the organizer. She simply posted her idea on Facebook and-presto! Hundreds of zombies showed up, in costume and very much in character. Along with hundreds of others, I came as a like-minded human. As an artist and graphic designer, I truly appreciated the fun and creativity in their message.

Protest Today

Today in Madison head down to Chase Bank on the Capitol Square for the Tax Day Protest. While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Madison, and at hundreds of events across the country, we’ll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We’ll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation’s children.

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1 LINDA from EACH LITTLE WORLD April 18, 2011 at 7:53 am [edit]

Thanks Rae and Carrie! My solution is to try and not read my favorite political blogs before bedtime because then I am so anxious and depressed I can’t sleep. But it is hard to stay away from keeping up with the continuing crisis and going downtown to march. Mark went on Sat., partly as a body to make up the crowd and partly to document and see for himself what happened. But not sure if we will post about it. I stayed home to work on garden presentations I am giving to different groups this week and next. Made a pleasant change looking at all those lovely garden images.

2 Rae April 18, 2011 at 8:05 am [edit]

I am sure that Carrie was there Saturday. I just didn’t have it in me. Carrie had some interesting observations, maybe she will comment here. Like your garden I’ve gotten my Miata out of storage and am looking forward to Spring. This whole protesting thing came at a hard time of the year for me… end of Winter. So now I need to look towards Spring.