They Said It Couldn’t Be Done


wisconsin is so close to recalling Senator Scott Fitzgerald, the bullying Senate majority leader of Fitzwalkerstan fame. Yet a successful recall of Fitz in his solidly red district was considered such a long shot that the Democratic party initially refused to get involved in the recall campaign started by Lori Compas of Fort Atkinson.

Thanks to Lori’s willingness to tackle a seemingly impossible task, and the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, more than 12,000 valid recall signatures had been collected as of January 2. Fitz will face a recall election if his opponents get 16,742 names turned in by January 17.

"None of Walker's controversial policies would be in effect today if he didn't have a buddy in the Legislature pushing it through," says Lori. "No matter where you stand on the issues, you need to see that we live in a society that has rules, and you need to follow the rules. He (Fitzgerald) simply hasn't been doing that.

We have till the coming weekend to collect enough signatures to recall Fitzgerald. Join me in helping Lori recall Fitz this week!

Here’s how: 1. Write a letter to the editor about Senator’s Fitzgerald’s policies. Keep in mind that some Republicans who support Governor Walker do want to recall Fitz. 2. Sign up for a shift to help collect signatures 3. Find out more-or download a petition to sign yourself- at