cajun christmas


i did not create this amazing New Orleans holiday card but Jenn from Seahorse Bend Press did using my New Orleans Doodles as the artwork. Nothing makes me happier than to see my illustrations used so well by someone else. If you need some you can email her at and tell her Rae sent you. She will also have cards for Texas, Maine, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

(Great job Jenn!)

last post of the year


Happy Holidays to all. I wish you all the merriest of times. And that you find whatever you are wishing for under the tree.

I am taking the last couple weeks of the year off from posting to wind down the year and think about fonts and marketing and branding and other creative things for next year. And to enjoy all the holiday revelry that the year end brings.

And yes there is a type calendar, a page-a-day one in fact. I have 2 fonts in 2012 and have submitted 2 for the 2013 calendar. Fingers crossed as the calendar is juried. Happy New Year, see you in 2012!


deck the halls


Yes the halls are decked, as much as they are going to be this year. I haven't quite figured out Christmas in the condo yet. The above tree is pretty but I am oh so tired of it. It's the colors. I do have a lime/black/gray/cream rug out too. I really, really really want a silver tree for next year. So I need to start looking now. People have suggested I look at Penneys and Target. I'd like something pre lit too. I think I'd like to do a white and silver Christmas for a few years.

Why I can see a white and silver Christmas is that I got 2 more sets of these IKEA lights so this year we could do all 4 glass panels and they do look wonderful. I like them so much that they stay up to almost the very end of Winter. They are especially cheery on a cold, gray Winter day.

The big burning bush by our front door is trimmed again this year. I start with lots and lots of this plastic ornaments from IKEA and then layer all the mismatched Christmas lights. It has a fun eclectic look. And yes that stays up and lit until I am embarrassed by how late in the year it is. It is just such a nice spot of color by the front door. Seems like good feng shui.

doghouse commercial...

I saw this last year, but it is just as cute this year. John and I watched it together and reminisced about his first gift to me... a fan because he was hot... and a cover for the Miata... he has somehow gotten better over the years... pearls, a painting I loved from a restaurant... a candy bar machine from another restaurant... if there is something somewhere I like he will just call them up and buy it. I guess you can escape from the doghouse...

(Thanks Nancy!)

a visit to candyland...

Last week I was out of town at a planning retreat. That included a visit to my friend Laurie's candy factory. Her preparations for Christmas are just plain amazing to me who makes NO candy, NO cookies, NO fruitcake. I guess I am not really a baker. I can if I have to. But I would never slave over any food item to this degree. But I can certainly appreciate it. And enjoy eating it.And I got to take this pretty box home! I think her candies this year are even better than and prettier than last year if that is possible. Really, it is edible art.