iPad3 & bamboo stylus!

yes I finally did it. I broke down and got an iPad! It will be a bit of a toy but will also be for serious creative work. I cannot wait to spend some time with it. Right now I am downloading apps which is good fun in itself.

And my dear friend Laurie earlier this year gave me this very nice Bamboo stylus. Can't wait to download some drawing programs so I can use this. If you are looking for a stylus I do like this one. Nice tip, nice weight to the pen. I like using a stylus all the time, it eliminates smeary fingerprints on the screen.

Laurie also sent me this little stylus. Love it that it snaps into the headphone port. If I am typing I like this as I am faster. Plus no smeary fingerprints. If you want some of these just search ebay. I think you can get 8 of them or so for very little money.

(Thanks again Laurie!)

typographic posters


Cool site... posters from around the world that are type based. Lots of great work from many different artists.

What they say about themselves... this project was established online on 11/nov/2008 to gather and showcase our love for type and design in a medium that connects to our essence.

Rather than promoting design work in a "what's new" blog format, we form a collective platform of designers, studios, projects and exhibitions that conceives posters with a strong focus on typography and expressive graphical compositions, with the intent that it inspires others.

We know that if a poster can change one person, it can change many.

Visit them at www.typographicposters.com