photo friday


Photos from my week, at home, wandering the neighborhood on errands. The more I take photos the more I notice my surroundings. And love my new iPhone4s with the really great camera. I was once in a camera shop trying to research my next camera. And I wanted it all. For me that is all the bells and whistles, small size. After going on and on I asked the guy helping me what his opinion was. He very simply said - the best camera is the one you have with you. That caused me to buy a tiny Sony camera even smaller than my iPhone. It became my purse camera and I started to take more pictures and get better at it. Funny how everything in life is the journey.... not necessarily the destination.

Here is a great article (thanks Matt)  from the New York Times Is the iPhone the Only Camera You Need. Great reading if you want some good iPhone camera app ideas. I think I may start shooting in one app each week and review them.

photo friday


i take a lot of photos each week. Partly because I like to and partly because to get better at anything, to develop a good eye, you need to just do it to get better. I think I may start putting those up on Fridays. There may be a theme or it may be completely random. Copy to explain something or not. We shall see.

interesting textures


Each time I walk across this area in the sidewalk I stop and look at these. The age, the purple glass, the cemented over areas, the holes, I always wonder what is below the open holes and where that water goes. I imagine these were quite lovely when they were new.




The above photos were enhanced using the toy camera type app Instagram. It's fun, it's free and you can get it in the iTunes store. There is a new version that I can't use until we solve the AT&T issue and I get a new phone. But I am looking forward to it. Looks like there are lots more fun options.


saturday sunrise


Need I say more?

I guess I will anyway. Until moving here I never noticed how fast the sunrise is. By the time I notice something spectacular get my camera and start shooting I can get about 50 shots and then it is an entirely different set of colors.

Still absolutely LOVE my Canon G12 PowerShot camera (more info below). It is the perfect point and shoot camera for me. Now if I actually learned how to use the camera who knows what shots I could get.