Creative Day & Technical Month

Once a month I am giving myself a Creative Day. A day I look forward to and plan for. I set up a table in front of the TV and plug in some movie. I wear sweats or N&N pjs and go thru interesting creative things. Look at books, get some ink pens out and doodle and draw and just see what happens. I have sooooo many half-baked ideas in my head this is a way to get them out. Remnants of the day go up on my bulletin board so I can look at them and think about them some more. The above scraps are becoming a font called Hodgepodge Handlettered. December & January always have me tackling something new on my website. I like to start the year with a new look. This year I want to figure out how to automatically download a font when someone buys it thru PayPal. (Right now when they pay I email it to them.) And I want to embed my blog into my website which I created in Dreamweaver. If anyone has clues on how to do either and wants to share I'd love to hear from you. Oh and I don't write code and don't want to learn to either....

Creative Lunch

This is my cute friend Justine. She owns Vintage Hearts which is a darling little store here in Eau Claire on Water Street. Justine also makes slip covers and will come to your house with her sewing machine and just make them there.

Justine and I have what we call our Creative Lunch. We meet monthly and share what new creative things we are making or thinking about making. These boxes that she made were inspired by her collection of vintage ceramic kitsch things. They are even more charming in person. She is thinking about making them for the store.

And she surprised me by having drawn a heart and swirl font that I will make and market... called of course Vintage Hearts. She is also the handwriting behind the font Justine.