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This weekend I had serious fun attending Crystal Kluge's modern penmanship class in St. Paul. You can see her fonts here. I also enjoyed the rare chance to talk shop with another type designer!














This is Crystal's lettering. Oh how I love those flourishes.


photo 2

















And here are my hen scratchings. But in my defense I didn't take the class to be a bad version of Crystal but a better version of myself.

I learned a lot. Very beginning things like how to hold the pen and not to go so fast. I was easily the worst in class. Everyone else put their nib in their holder and started doing beautiful calligraphy. But then it was a talented bunch.


photo 3





I got to do a lot of thinking in class and ponder a possible 4 new alphabet fonts. I would really like to make a font that looks like my new logo. I used a folded nib to get the above lettering.

A really great class for both beginners and professionals alike. And as you can see from the first photo she has another class coming up in March. If you are in the area I think you would enjoy it.


photo 5 photo 4Since this was a lettering kind of weekend my friend Laurie, who I look the class with, gave me this oh-so beautiful real sable brush pen for my birthday. So now I have another tool that I don't know how to use. But it makes me happy just to hold it. This is a Kuretake Japanese pen.

(Thanks again Laurie! For the fun, drinks and the PEN!)

what's on the drawing board


RSVP Brush is still on the drawing board or more accurately the iPad and computer. I have been working on this and my website all Summer long. I am at the kerning and the adding of additional open type characters stage. That means I am able to see the end. The nice part is I still like this font a lot but will be happy to move on to something new.



I collect calligraphy pens and keep them in a nice box. I've decided that it is time to try my hand at this... modern calligraphy that is.


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.44.12 AM

This book is what inspired me to look at this again. It is available for pre order now and will be available on September 24th.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.48.14 AMAnd today I also signed up for a class on The Art of Modern Calligraphy. The class launches on September 25th. My friend Jessica from Jack & Ella Paperpress is going to take it too. In fact she told me about it. I have never taken a class there but it is only $20. And if anyone is interested and uses this link it would only be $10.

I also bought some new paper and ink and nibs too. I'll post links below.

It is Fall and this new project has a bit of a back-to-school feel. I am excited about learning something new!

And stay tuned for a possible Friday the 13th Sale!