we’re all in this together

On a very hot Sunday last week I joined a “Recall Roadtrip” to Fond du Lac, traveling with a young man, Will, in his 1975 pickup with rolldown windows and minimal AC. As we walked door-to-door in a cooling drizzle reminding residents to vote in their district’s State Senate primary July 12, we had to do a lot of explaining.

First we had to explain to voters that the Republican party was running fake Democratic candidates in all six district Senate recall elections in order to force unnecessary primary elections, cause inconvenience, and create confusion. (Not to mention costing Wisconsin taxpayers almost $500,000 . . .)

Then we explained that it was important that they vote in the primary for the real candidate because Republicans were sending Republican voters to vote for the fake (actually a Republican who did not live in their district) in order to defeat the real Democrat. Then we explained it was very important that they vote once again in the general election between the 2 real opposing candidates on August 9.

Whew. Are you confused? So are Wisconsin voters.

After the road trip I spent

several afternoons as a phone volunteer calling folks in two other districts. This photo of Governor Scott Walker was my inspiration to keep making those calls, once again explaining this craziness to my fellow citizens.

The good news! All 6 Democratic candidates beat the fakes in the REAL primary July 12. Are you motivated to phone your fellow Wisconsin voters or visit them door-to-door between now and August 9? I hope so. Find the information you need at http://www.defendwisconsin.org/2011/06/23/volunteer-for-the-recall-campaigns-2/

And if you live in a recall district, please vote to recall and replace the six Republican Senators who have marched in lockstep to forward Governor Walker’s extreme agenda. It matters to all of us in Wisconsin.