The new normal

The recall elections are over. At least for now—there’s still plenty of interest in a Walker recall, but we can’t start on that until November. We’re not exactly resting in the meantime.

Here’s a snapshot of just a few Wisconsin middle class “rumblings for rights and representation” that have continued in the past week:

Defending First Amendment rights in our Capitol. Police threatened peaceful protesters holding signs on the second floor with arrest if they returned the following day. The next day, Solidarity Singers flocked to the second floor balconies. No one was arrested.

“Where is Paul Ryan?” Sit-ins and protests at the Ryan offices in Kenosha, Racine, Janesville, and Lake Geneva went on all week. Unemployed constituents are begging to talk with Ryan about jobs and stubbornly refuse to budge. He has not spent any time this summer break meeting with those he represents.

The 1st National Democracy Convention. With a thousand others from all over America, I attended the conference here in Madison. I’ll write more about my experience but follow this link for information and video of the sessions.

Solidarity March On Thursday, August 25, thousands gathered on the UW Library Mall and marched to the Capitol for a rally to mark the day our state employees first felt the impact of Walker’s “budget repair” bill in their paychecks. Many wore black in solidarity with everyone affected by these cuts. The economic ripple will indeed affect us all. Here are my photos-with heart balloons sparking in the sun.

Just another week in Wisconsin. . .